Private Property Towing Placerville

Extreme Towing partners with commercial and residential property owners and managers to assist in resolving parking challenges. Their goal is to help you keep your tenants happy with their parking situation and remove problem or hazardous vehicle ensuring residents and customers have adequate parking available.

A Partner for Your Parking Area

Extreme Towing is not focused on how many cars they can tow but how they can help you resolve your parking issues. They can provide form documents to make resident and tenant communication as easy as possible and ensure all are aware of impending parking lot maintenance and cleaning events.

Damage Free Towing Service

Private properly towing requires the use of specialized towing equipment to ensure vehicles are able to be towed without damage. In the absence of keys for the cars this equipment is essential for timely and safe towing. Extreme Towing trains their towing truck drivers in non consent towing techniques and all trucks are all equipped with tools to assist the process. Call their 24hr dispatch center at 530-621-9986.

Towing Phone Number