About Extreme Towing

Extreme Towing was established in August of 2002 with just three tow trucks. Since then we have grown to more than double our initial fleet and have expanded our services to include a service truck and an off-road recovery vehicle. They have also opened three storage facilities in El Dorado county. They pride us on being an honest, reliable company providing service in El Dorado county and beyond.

Service Without Limitation

It has been our goal to perform our services without limitation since inception. With that goal in mind Extreme Towing continues to add specialized equipment as well as driver training to be able to perform such services. We have put many systems in place to assure professionalism such as driver training programs, uniforms, specific towing industry software and GPS equipment in every truck. With these state-of-the-art systems, we can dispatch calls electronically and track the exact mileage and time it takes to perform every service.

Community Pride

Extreme Towing not only helps the community by removing unsightly vehicles, we also donate clunkers to the local fire districts for extrication practice. We take the time to deliver these vehicles to the fire department and then when they are done cutting them up and stretching them out, they pick them up and take them to the recycler. This provides great practice for our local heroes and may one day help them save your life.

Vehicle Donation Program

Extreme Towing has partnered with the Green Valley Community Church to provide a tax-deductible vehicle donation program. Several things are accomplished by your donation of a vehicle. The Auto Ministry uses these vehicles to help guide young minds through the mechanical repair process and provide them with a solid base for a future in the automotive industry. These vehicles are then used to help single mothers in the local area with dependable transportation. Call 530-621-9986 or email at extremetowing@live.com for further assistance.